About the Artist

Felix Cheng was born on April 20th, 1992 in Kansas. He moved to Minnesota when he was 5, and procured cable television at the age of 7. Enthralled by the plethora of animation available, he began to diligently doodle the well-loved and memorable characters he is fond of.

Fast-forward to High School, Felix began taking art classes under the supervision of Todd Clercx. During these budding years, Felix was introduced to the world of acrylic paint and graphic design. During his senior year, his self-portrait was selected as a part of an exhibition at the Har Mar Mall.

After graduation, Felix went to the North St. Paul Next Step Transition Program and had continued developing his skills in acrylic painting, as well as exploring the new medium of oil painting. He had also forayed into the world of Flash animation. He had produced over 50 paintings, and also produced "Aldrid Von Pectos the Strong Man," a Flash animation. The animation was produced from March 28th 2011 to November 10th, 2013 back when he took a Design and Interactive Media class at Northeast Metro 916, which is currently located at the Century College East Campus.

Felix took classes at Century College after graduating from Next Step, which lasted for three years. He majored in 3D animation and got his diploma after two years at Century and is currently working on Heather's Under the Weather in 3Ds Max. Felix also took Web Design at Century in which he received his second diploma and is currently a freelance graphic designer.