ALDRID VON PECTOS - He's an all-around high and mighty strong man on the beach, but deep down - he has a timid and sensitive streak that can lead to low self-esteem issues. Whatever he lacks in confidence, he makes up for it with his heart than with his muscles.

FUN FACT: Aldrid's favorite power shake recipe includes spinach, beets and carrots.
CARA MILLIN - Cara Millin is Aldrid Von Pectos' love interest. She doesn't seem to be too interested in the other strong men on the beach, but when Aldrid came into the picture, things became a little different. Later on, as Aldrid gets pumped up, Cara once loses her balance while sailboarding during her pastime. When he hears her cries for help, Aldrid came to the rescue and saves Cara from drowning that even the lifeguards were surprised by his actions.
COACH BILLY BOBS - Coach William "Billy Bobs" Robertson is the instructing coach for all of the strong men. He may be a bit
harsh and stern at times, but he treats each of them with respect as if he were their father figure; it just shows the way he cares. He used to coach Peter Von Pectos, the father of Aldrid Von Pectos, a long time ago and they go way back since before Peter's retirement.
JASON STRANGLEBURG - The jock of the strong men, Jason Strangleburg is an immigrant from Australia. He is often seen as a chick magnet, and proud of it!
He takes great delight in rallying his fellow strong men to laugh and pick on Aldrid for his "so-called" failures, but he was proven wrong. Janice Dasen does in fact have a thing
for him in which he was given her nickname for him "Jasey-Poo".

FUN FACT: Jason's favorite power shake recipe includes tomatoes, turnips and cabbage leaves.
JANICE DASEN - The queen bee valley girl who the wisecracking Tandra, Buck Bulk's wife, had to deal with. She is often among the group of beach-goers who does what it takes to get to her "Jasey-Poo", hoping to become his bride. Snooty and haughty, she often picks at Cara for not choosing whichever man she wants.