HEATHER METEOROUS - Heather is a precocious, intelligent, but kind-hearted student at Cloudopolis High School. Her favorite subjects in school are art and English. She can get extremely emotional at untimely events such as when she cries during the rainy days and smiling with the sunlight.
FARMER JOEL - Heather's wacky ol' codger of an imaginary friend as well as her deceased grandfather, often pursuing of crops to grow
whenever he runs out of fields, especially corn. Despite his eccentricities, he gives Heather great advice on what he knows - or so he thinks.
AMANDA MONCHI - Amanda Monchi is a student pursuing in the area of music and opera for her future. She can be overly ambitious, bitter, vain and short-tempered, especially when being called a "country singer". She is rather disciplined in her own art, and has
a fear of snakes whenever someone mentions them in front of her to the point of overreacting.
ALEC SORENSON - Alec Sorenson has been hailed as the "most handsome guy ever" in Cloudopolis High School. However, he doesn't seem to be too interested in all the girls who worship him and has a thing for Heather until he was seemingly turned off by her "figment of imagination".
He is Cara's cousin who comes from a faraway place.
MR. MEINSUZER - Mr. Johan Meinsuzer is the art class' homeroom teacher carrying the balsa-wood staff of guidance and discipline.
Stern and serious, he does not take kindly to anyone calling him a "Mind-Snoozer", especially by his students. He has the surreal ability to turn into the form of a thunder cloud spouting lightning bolts in his wrath.